Finding that pick me up


Ocean Liners: Speed and Style at the V&A June 2018

Ocean Liners: Speed and Style at the V&A

This exhibition was a joy. It felt like a cruise in a world of beauty. Some exhibitions are thought provoking, some shocking but this one was pure pleasure. If you ever need a pick me up, its always worth scanning the cultural sector, there will always be something there for you.


Three Dimensions



Abstract in White,Green,Black,Red,Grey c 1963 and Pink by Victor Pasmore

My visit to the Tate this weekend was initially to see the Picasso exhibition. Following this show I decided to take a wander and see if I could find any new and hidden gems.

Well to no surprise I found a piece for me. Suspended in mid air ‘but going somewhere’’ was what this piece said to me.

The Victor Pasmore ‘Abstract in White Green, Black, Red, Grey and Pink’ definitely brings ideas of growth and abstract harmony into three dimensions / referenced on the Tate label.

A great trip and as always there is something about art which stays with you.



F1 Pit Stop/ 2007 by Andreas Gursky at the Hayward

I went to an exhibition a few months ago at the Southbank in the newly refurbished Hayward Gallery and certain images have stuck with me. That is what is so good about art and the array of cultural experiences, which surround us. They are not one off; they have an impact, can inspire, shock, ignite and often have a life beyond. Well this exhibition,  the Andreas Gursky show at the Hayward came to my mind today, as I was rushing around and feeling a little under stress. The F1 Pit Stop image summed up something very important. The importance of teamwork and revisiting this image has really made me smile. I loved the exhibition.

It closes on the 22nd April and get a ticket in advance if possible or try arriving extremely early and queuing.

I forgot my March 2018 update, but now its sunny I am catching up and recalling those important cultural and creative moments.


Being smooth about clay

A clay model for the Ferrari J50, 2015. at the Design Museum Ferrari under the skin exhibition. Just ten of these cars were built to celebrate Ferrari’s first 50 years in Japan. One half of this model has been finished and painted. The other half is bare clay showing the stages of the modeling process.

A quick trip out for inspiration and the Design Museum was my choice this weekend and ‘Ferrari Under the Skin’ is what drew me.

It was wonderful.,extremely informative, very beautiful and full to the brim with facts and displays which were breadth taking.

But it was this particular exhibit which appealed to me the most. It highlighted both design and craft skills in a very high end and powerful industry.

Well it inspired me to post this, to stop procrastinating and to move forward with some creative ideas.


Being an acrobat


Giuditta Scalini (1912-1966)Acrobats, 1950Acrobati Bronze at the Estorick Collection


There is something about art or an exhibition that just hits the right chord. Something that presents exactly how you feel at the time or just makes you smile. Well my recent trip to a small gallery in Islington did just that and acrobats stopped me in my tracks.

The day I visited The Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art  was a cold and rainy day, but my visit and coffee in the café cheered me up and is a definite for a return visit.

My favourite Christmas tree

An interactive audio-visual installation by stage designer Es Devlin


I am looking back on photos and visits I made over the Christmas break and there is no doubt that my favourite 2017 Christmas tree is ‘The Singing Tree’ by Es Devin at the V&A London. I don’t think it is too late to go and see it either.

The tree sings words, which have been collected from V&A visitors and produces a constantly regenerating ‘carol’ sung by an interactive choir of human and synthesized voices.

A beautiful tree, in an amazing setting and with voices in the background created something which touched all your senses.

As Christmas comes to a close and 2018 is nearly upon us, I am taking time out to review the forthcoming cultural landscape and it looks exciting!