My favourite Christmas tree

An interactive audio-visual installation by stage designer Es Devlin


I am looking back on photos and visits I made over the Christmas break and there is no doubt that my favourite 2017 Christmas tree is ‘The Singing Tree’ by Es Devin at the V&A London. I don’t think it is too late to go and see it either.

The tree sings words, which have been collected from V&A visitors and produces a constantly regenerating ‘carol’ sung by an interactive choir of human and synthesized voices.

A beautiful tree, in an amazing setting and with voices in the background created something which touched all your senses.

As Christmas comes to a close and 2018 is nearly upon us, I am taking time out to review the forthcoming cultural landscape and it looks exciting!


Looking beyond walls



2 Willow Road designed by Erno Goldfinger

I have passed this building a number of times and have often seen small groups of people gathered outside, queuing for something. I can honestly say, the building did not impress me immediately but I did become more and more curious to what these people were waiting for.

Well I did stop recently and found out what was different about 2 Willow Road Hampstead. This is a building designed and lived in by Erno Goldfinger a well-known architect.

The start of my visit involved taking a seat in a room, which was previously the garage and watching a film about Erno Goldfinger, his work and this building.

A tour of the building then followed with snippets about Erno’s family life but in particular information about the design choices he made, his collections and challenges he faced in delivering a building of this nature in Hampstead.

For some reason this building and in particular its interior have inspired me and reminded me to be curious and look beyond walls.

Thoughtful, Different, Experiential


My recent cultural hit was a visit to Tate Modern. The latest exhibition is  ‘ILYA AND EMILIA KABAKOV’ NOT EVERYONE WILL BE TAKEN INTO THE FUTURE and this is well worth a visit. As always there are many experiences in the main hall and exhibitions on offer for free but if you can, this ticketed show is worth visiting. Thoughtful, informative and experiential.

No photos allowed in the exhibition, so unfortunately I can’t show a taster but there is something relaxing about enjoying an exhibition without the pressure of recording it.

Secret garden

Fenton House in Hampstead London was my surprise find today. It was ‘Open House’ this weekend but it was not the house but the garden that took me by surprise. Admittedly it was a beautiful sunny day but there is no doubt the garden is their treasure. Well kept, beautiful plants and wonderful places to sit on a bench and enjoy London.