Blog 14: Blueprints ! A new piece to add to my jigsaw.


My next stop was the Barbican and The Curve. ‘Walead Beshty’. I do like exhibitions that ignite so many questions. Cyanotype and blueprints , thank goodness for the internet and the many ‘How to sites’,    It now all makes sense and so interesting.

The Barbican


Blog 13: Guildhall art gallery what a find! Still the novice blogger…

Guildhall art gallery is hidden away in Moorgate but what a wonderful experience. Beauty, Faith, Home, Imagination, Love and Leisure all portrayed. ‘The Garden of Eden’ by G Riviere is definitely my great find.

The creation of my cultural landscape has made me think more about the prompts and how exciting it is finding such hidden treasures.

My powerful painting and a must to see and a revisit. So Thoughtful.



Blog 11: It makes you think in Cambridge

The Power of Advertising and blog 11. The ‘Slient Partners’ poster prompted me to get on a train and make a trip to Cambridge. Wow, it was worth every minute. What an entrance, a cathedral of culture and I cant believe I have not been before.I don’t know why things stick but ….Finding the film‘Dreams that Money Can Buy’ by Hans Richter is a story of mannequins . I really don’t know what it is, but this film made me think.The Fitzwilliam Museum


Blog 09: Teapots, Design and much more.

The Design Museum

IMG_0514 IMG_0523 IMG_0521 IMG_0519 IMG_0524

An unusual film caught my eye in the Designer User Manufacturer exhibition. ‘My teapot’ an everyday object but with so many stories and meanings around them. Designers in Residence 2014 Disruption a really clever display.Llona Gaynor’s display had me thinking and my trip ended with strength and Women Fashion Power.

Not sure if I have tags and categories worked out in my blog but investigating.