Blog 19: Treasures at the Crawford art gallery.

The Crawford Art Gallery another hidden treasure . ‘Portrait of Lennox Robinson’ by artist Margaret Clarke caught my eye and the label descriptor had ‘reason for choice’ which was really useful and very inclusive.

I have included in my pictures ‘Time Flies’ by Wm Gerrard Barry as this still makes me smile.

IMG_0652IMG_0651IMG_0641IMG_0640‘Motivational deficit’ was the main exhibition on the ground floor and included work by eight contemporary Irish artists. The pervasive nature of the recession and austerity. Definitely different view points and different perspectives at the Crawford Gallery

Blog 18: Mirrorcity at the Hayward.

Its funny this was not on my agenda or radar when walking along the Southbank. The Hayward is not immediately obvious but the advertising poster image prompt made Me stop. Emerging artists and their take on the challenges of the world’s busiest cities.

The beauty of the river and the architecture around the Hayward Gallery provides the right mix for the launch of a new year. The city and cultural landscape ignites a response.

2014 and my blog has been such a useful foundation for me to build on. The power of memory, the senses and the creative narrative of the cultural world around me is my mix for 2015.

IMG_0622 IMG_0623