Blog 51: Labels and the part they play. A story waiting to be uncovered made me stop at the Design Museum and a reminder of the importance of words.

IMG_1033 IMG_1020

I started this blog as my memory bank and my recall facility (I wont go into why I need this) but I did not realize how difficult I would find putting words down. Getting into the Blog mindset and engaging with other bloggers I have yet to do but getting my thoughts down today is a start. I think it’s the sunshine and a reminder there is always a story to be told.

Designs of the Year 2015 at the Design Museum

A title and piece of work by Romain Andre France and Michael Savana for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago .

The Way of the Shovel Designed USA Nominated by Tim Parsons and a quote from the label.‘Every piece of art is a story waiting to be uncovered’


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