Blog 53: Today is about being BRIGHT. Being Creative, Clever and Curious at the London Design Festival.

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What’s fun is finding the unexpected and in unusual places. I have only begun the trail of the London Design Festival but The Norfolk House Music Room at the V&A and The ‘Curiosity Cloud’ by an Austrian duo Mischer’ traxler.happened to be my first stop. There is lots about this experience that has made me investigate their work further. The creation of the different glass bulbs, the amazing fluttering of the mechanical butterflies inside, a sound and visual extravaganza! Feeling good and finding out more.


Blog 52: Today is recognising talent, providing a helping hand and another skill learnt.



Attending degree shows and reviewing school projects is such an inspiration. There is so much talent out there and finding a way to provide a helping hand is definitely a goal. My skill learnt today is another IT challenge. Adobe Acrobat Pro and at last I can provide one attachment with all the papers enclosed. Phew I have written the instructions down. Back to beautiful things.

Blog 51: Today Imagination and Creativity is all that I needed.


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The Natural History

Not having the ability to recall quickly, to retrieve and deliver information when you need to and most of all inspire others when you want to Is Really Frustrating. But as one door closes (a skill lost) another one opens (a journey begins).

Along with the hustle and bustle of daily life..TODAY

  1. I searched and found out how to edit and retouch images. Yep Wow!
  2. I revisited some Edward de Bono thoughts on page 159. And on my way!

And over a cup of coffee I am inspired.

‘Imagination by itself is not creativity any more than numbers are mathematics. But it is one of the ingredients of creativity’  Edward de Bono Practical Thinking