Blog 84: Finding your prompts

IMG_0069 2


Don’t give up searching for your prompts because once found it’s a roller coaster ride from there on.

Art in whatever form is for everyone however much it may feel housed for the elite.

The more I look at these pots, the more I sense a form of communication. What was the mood of the artist, what are they trying to say but more importantly, they have encouraged me to question and be curious. What is great there is no right or wrong way to feel about the creative offers surrounding us but opportunities and possible prompts. Do carry on looking, as there is definitely a prompt out there for you.


Pots by Picasso at Winter Palace St Petersburg 2016.


Blog 83: Community spirit on the Southbank

Back from a trip to the Southbank and I still have goose bumps.

37 screens showing scenes of Shakespeare plays along the River, mentioned on Radio 4 on Saturday evening was my first prompt.

My plan was to negotiate the crowds attending the Marathon and off to Blackfriars bridge tube station I went.

I have always been a supporter of the marathon but from afar, not really engaging but this has definitely now changed!

As I crossed the Bridge on my way to the Shakespeare events I could hear the cheering and feeling already the support and community feeling around the activities taking place below. Runners at the 24-mile point and people lining the road and on the bridge above shouting encouragement for them to keep going. I never imagined the impact this would have on me. Not meant for the visitor aiming for the cultural experience; the crowds, cheering and community spirit surrounding me has been like a shot in the dark and has opened another door to the inspirational experiences and opportunities around me.

Blog 82 : Finding Beauty and igniting a smile.


A quote from my recent read and which really made me smile this morning was ‘Make the World to believe in you and to pay heavily for the privilege’ from Gilbert & George.

I wondered for a while and quickly did a Wikipedia search and found some other snippets, which have touched the right nerve. What do you think?

Their work is referred to as anti-elitist and adopting the slogan ‘Art for All’ aiming to be relevant beyond the narrow confines of the art world.

My recent read referred to in Blog 81 and today is ‘Think like an Artist’ ..and lead a More Creative, Productive Life by Will Gompertz. A must read for anyone needing some inspiration.

Blog 81: Finding my voice

Having a passion about something does not mean your own narrative and own voice comes easy, but when it happens it’s worth all the pain.

Procrastination, lack of confidence and looking inward rather than outward can stifle your ability to grow. Personal growth and the ability to succeed can happen at any time; it’s about finding the right buttons to press to begin the escalator up.

A plane trip to Russia, my dose of art and a good book has given me the shake up which has reignited the journey I have been waiting for. First things first; one good book ‘Think Like and Artist’ by Will Gompertz which I would absolutely recommend. An easy read with inspirational messages and it also highlights you are not on your own. Second the medicine I also needed was a Tony Cragg work a surprise at the Winter Palace in Russia.IMG_0061

Blog 80:Looking beyond and in a new location.

A closer look at ‘Winter 1909’ Kandinsky

A closer look at ‘Winter 1909’ Kandinsky

Finding Kandinsky in St Petersburg was pure pleasure. Its funny how something ignites you to want to find out more, to want to investigate the image and provides you with butterflies inside. A different location and a different landscape is a good starting point for a creative adventure.

Approaching art and culture with no preconceptions and just being curious is the perfect starting point.

Finding the right button to press is what most of us are looking for and the world of art in whatever form is one place to find it.


Blog 79: Powerful images with powerful people




Vogue 100 at NPG

Feeling low? I recommend a coffee first and a trip to the National Portrait Gallery, nice and early, no crowds, no long queues and an opportunity to stand back and soak in an array of beautiful imagery.

Although a charged exhibition, its money worth spending. There will definitely be a photograph, which will take your breadth away. That’s what I look out for. I am not a long browser contemplating every label.

Art provides an opportunity to inspire, ignite and take you on a variety of journeys.

Blog 78: Thinking architecture and communities



Creation from Catastrophe, How architecture can rebuild communities’ was my cultural visit today. An exhibition on the ground floor of the RIBA building, which is a very calming environment with an amazing shop and filled to capacity with inspiring content.

‘Designing for resilience exhibition’ on the upper floor shows proposals from the rebuild following Hurricane Sandy.

Spaces and people, an opportunity to be really creative.