Blog 90: Something beautiful

Anke Birnie ‘Acrobat’ IMG_1698 - Version 2

I visited the Affordable Art Show in London at the weekend and fell in love with so many pieces of work. I spoke to the Artists and saw the excitement in the eyes of people who knew they had found something absolutely made for them.

‘Acrobat’ is my pull out photo today because I was drawn in like a bee to a honey pot by Anke Birnie’s work at the Store Street Gallery stand. The tension in the acrobats arm, her hand clinging to the rope, the bronze and her clothes draping are all part of her appeal, but with all arts there is always something else which is indescribable. Something beautiful.



Blog 89: Switching worlds by the Thames


Went to the Tate members evening on Tuesday and what a queue!! No complaints though, as nice day, nice location and determination to want to get inside to see the new building the ‘Switch House’.

There is something about the Thames, the bridge and Tate Modern that make you feeling you are gorging on a very luxurious cake.

Well the 10th Floor viewing gallery is a must see. Looking out over London, looking into properties and the lives of people lucky enough to live local made a powerful impression on me.

My advice. Wait for a quieter time, get to the 10th floor and take the opportunity to relax, think and transport your mind to the creative landscape, which surrounds you. I suddenly felt I was back there, if only.

Blog 88: Stretching the imagination


Wow a location where the arts and sciences are in unison. Being outside, enjoying a structure which just has a very calming effect is a must for anyone feeling they just want to get out away from the rat run. I don’t know if it’s the stretched fabric, the idea of a robot behind a screen and of course the colourful environment surrounding, but without doubt engineering has suddenly become live for me.

Elytra Filament Pavilion V&A Engineering Season – 6 November.

Blog 87: Exercising my imagination


Another day enroute to my goal. I know it’s not the destination it’s the journey that’s important, but there is no doubt in my mind having a goal is more exciting than frustrating. Well today it is.

Prior to my next injection of cultural activity, I turn to my bookshelf for some useful prompts and inspiration. My latest amazing find is ‘How to have great ideas’ A guide to creative thinking by John Ingledew.

My day starts with ‘Exercise your imagination’ and that’s exactly what I intend to do