Blog 92: Making a good day great


Camden Arts Centre booklet and more

A wonderful sunny day at the Camden Arts Centre, a venue with friendly staff, a great place to have coffee and most of all an opportunity to see some thought provoking art.

The ‘Making and Unmaking’ exhibition presently on display shows a wide selection of work which has an intimate British Museum feel. Wonderful colour, an array of materials and textures all from a diverse mix of artists. A great space to enjoy and exhibit artwork, with a perfect garden for a sunny afternoon. Dana Huddleston and Mrinalini Mukherjee were artists that definitely caught my eye.

Art for everyone in North London.

No photography is presently allowed in the exhibition ‘Making & Unmaking An exhibition curated by Duro Olowu’ but a visit to the website will give you a good taster.


Blog 91: Remembering our people landscape

‘The Portrait of Sakip Sabanci’ by Kutlug AtamanIMG_1743

With ‘selfies’ and a ‘look at me’ culture, it was a welcome relief to find a piece of work at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, which was a reminder about the people around us.10,000 LCD panels, hung from the ceiling like a large sheet quivering in the wind. ‘The Portrait of Sakip Sabanci’ by Kutlug Ataman was a work, which really focused on people, but it was the people whom Sabanci had encountered before his death 15 years ago. It was a reminder of my own people landscape and a great choice for the exhibition.