Striping away the unnecessary ingredients leaving something very powerful.



Alex Katz: Vivien 2015 Maja Hoffmann Collection. Displayed at the Serpentine Gallery August/September 2016

There is no doubt if you need a pick me up or inspiration for a new direction a trip out for a cultural hit should be your doctors orders.

A spur of the moment decision to take a walk up exhibition road to the Serpentine Galleries on a beautiful Sunny day last week has touched a nerve for me and has provided me with the ignition I have been waiting for.

Alex Katz: Quick Light exhibition was one of the experiences on offer at the Serpentine alongside an architectural extravaganza distributed throughout Hyde Park.

This exhibition primarily focused on Alex Katz landscape paintings and showed how he ingeniously strips away all unnecessary information leaving only the most essential ingredients

I have to be grabbed by a picture or an experience, I am not a daudler so it is a quick scan and move on but one picture in this exhibition particular caught my eye and continues to draw me in. A picture of 6 women, different but the same. The background colour and the poses all are thoughtful and intriguing. The chosen location in the exhibition must be congratulated as it hit you when you entered and exited the gallery.

Although this exhibition is now closed I would recommend a visit to the website. This artist has a life times experience with some great pieces of advice.

Finding your own ingredients should always be your own prompt as once you have found them, its then all about the mix.