Art Inside and Out


A visit to the Tate Modern is never disappointing and is a place I always recommend if you need a pick me up. What’s great about this venue is it seems to have removed the snobbery of art or at least hidden it and made the arts a more inclusive experience. There are free and charged exhibitions and at any point you can look out the window and be mesmerized by the London skyline.

Rauschenberg at the Tate is my choice for today, as not only am I a fan of his work following an exhibition I saw at the Tate in the 1980’s but I am also intrigued by his inspiration and travels.

Rauschenberg at Tate Modern



A calm location, a creative high and all minutes away from the mad Christmas London rush


Camel (Albino) Contemporary Needle (large) (2013) by John Baldessari

Camel (Albino) Contemporary Needle (large) (2013) by John Baldessari

Behind the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street I was surprised to find the wonderful Marian Goodman art gallery. Calming and intriguing. This exhibit, ‘Camel (Albino) Contemporary Needle by John Baldessari a Californian artist, is a creative interpretation of a Christian parable and metaphor for the difficulties of the rich in gaining entry into heaven.

The gallery spaces and choice of exhibits work so well.

Less is more.


Exhibit by Ma Ke at the Design Museum London

This exhibit is by Ma Ke, a Chinese fashion designer and is on display at the Design Museum in Kensington. Ma Ke stopped producing commercial clothing 10 years ago and set up ‘Wuyong’ a design studio social enterprise project and focuses on traditional ways of making clothes and rejecting hyper-consumption.

The simplicity is very effective and speaks volumes during a time of consumerism.