Fashion, Art and Henry Moore


Out and about in London you are bound to find something that will surprise you. Well I did and by chance I came across a place called ‘Makers House’. I found myself in a surprisingly fashionable and artistic extravaganza.

Burberry & the Henry Moore Foundation had created a space to celebrate the New February Burberry collection and was free to enter. But this was no ordinary fashion display; the clothing was intertwined with Henry Moore’s most famous sculptures and alongside working models and maquettes. This was an exhibition at its best, objects and displays extremely thoughtfully displayed both inspirational and informative.

Burberry clothing hung beautifully, sculptures were placed elegantly and videos provided an insight into Henry Moore’s work. His thought process, where and how he worked and the challenges creating his large scale sculptures were all part of the story. This all cleverly provided a taste of the arts and if you wanted to see more of Henry Moore’s work leaflets promoting a forthcoming exhibition of Henry Moore’s work in Herts in April were handed out. The staff were also very helpful which makes such a difference. People are a key part of any experience.

This was definitely a successful and fun way to present art and fashion as one.


Draped Reclining Mother and Baby 1983 Polystyrene. The Henry Moore Foundation acquired 1993.  (Photo from display at the Makers House Burberry & Henry Moore show Feb 2017)




Seeing the passion in Flamenco



At Sadlers Wells

I have been fortunate recently to be able to attend a variety of performances at the Sadlers Wells Theatre. A natural lover of ballet meant attending a ‘Flamenco Festival London’ performance at the Sadlers Wells Theatre, was totally out of my comfort zone. As my mantra is to learn something new every day, this was an opportunity not to be turned down.

Wow, what an experience. Israel Galván, FLA.Co.Men with musicians and singers performed for 90minutes with such passion, rhythm and skill, it took my breadth away. I felt I was being given a glimpse of Spanish life, emotions, humour and in particular their connection and love of music.   The sounds of Israel’s steps on the stage had long lasting impact.

For me Sadlers Wells has become my Tate Modern of dance and performance in London.

Learning something new every day.


At the National Theatre London.

When you get to a point you are feeling you are stuck at a red light in life or career, my advice is always ‘Get Out There, see what might turn up, learn something new and if possible make someone smile’.

I am still buzzing, following an amazing weekend. I was searching the National Theatre Website and I came across a play ‘Hedda Gabler’ by Henrik Ibsen. The powerful promotional image encouraged me to want to book a ticket.

I will have to admit Ibsen did not initially draw me, it was the image of Ruth Wilson and the feeling this was a story worth investigating.

Wow, this is a play worth seeing. The cast are amazing and in particular Ruth Wilson who plays Hedda. This is not highbrow; this is a new version by Patrick Marber who also wrote the screenplay ‘ notes on a scandal’. What is great about the National Theatre is, although this play is sold out, the National provides other opportunities to access a few tickets, all explained online and also will be screening this show at Cinemas on the 9th March. So it will be possible to see it.

What have I learnt today? Well, I have to keep an eye on work by Patrick Marber, performances with Ruth Wilson and that Ibsen was Norwegian, born in 1928 and he also wrote a Dolls House.

I purchased a ‘Big Issue’ and this did make both the seller and myself smile.

Going with the tide.


A Sand sculpture created at the London SouthBank Sat 11 Feb (artist unknown).

Looking for a pick me up on a grey and rainy day? I really recommend a trip to the South Bank, a stroll along the parade with the galleries and London Views, but in particular look out for the pop up surprises. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to find out the name of the artist who created this sand sculpture, but it made me think, prompted discussion and disappeared with the tide.

This sand sculpture along with a few others appear and disappear with the tide.