Learning something new every day.


At the National Theatre London.

When you get to a point you are feeling you are stuck at a red light in life or career, my advice is always ‘Get Out There, see what might turn up, learn something new and if possible make someone smile’.

I am still buzzing, following an amazing weekend. I was searching the National Theatre Website and I came across a play ‘Hedda Gabler’ by Henrik Ibsen. The powerful promotional image encouraged me to want to book a ticket.

I will have to admit Ibsen did not initially draw me, it was the image of Ruth Wilson and the feeling this was a story worth investigating.

Wow, this is a play worth seeing. The cast are amazing and in particular Ruth Wilson who plays Hedda. This is not highbrow; this is a new version by Patrick Marber who also wrote the screenplay ‘ notes on a scandal’. What is great about the National Theatre is, although this play is sold out, the National provides other opportunities to access a few tickets, all explained online and also will be screening this show at Cinemas on the 9th March. So it will be possible to see it.

What have I learnt today? Well, I have to keep an eye on work by Patrick Marber, performances with Ruth Wilson and that Ibsen was Norwegian, born in 1928 and he also wrote a Dolls House.

I purchased a ‘Big Issue’ and this did make both the seller and myself smile.


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